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Historians have noted that the diets of Native American tribes were natural, high in protein and low in saturated fats. Unlike early European settlers to the “new world,” historians have written, Native Americans were also well-skilled in growing and maintaining the cleanest, purest, most nutritious food.

As hunter-gatherers, Native Americans were also lovers of the land, having a healthy respect for nature and the environment on which they relied for sustenance. Today, all of the traditions that were held dear by the earliest Americans can still be found – in Chief Organics Whey Protein.

Made without any of the unnecessary and unhealthy fillers and ingredients found in most commercial brands, Chief Organics Whey Protein contains all 20 essential and non-essential branch-chain amino acids in a formula that is lab-tested and verified for purity.

than USDA Organic


CHIEF Organics Whey Protein is not "USDA Organic" ... it's BETTER than USDA Organic in every way. Forensic food scientist Mike Adams (the Health Ranger) tests CHIEF Organics products in his state-of-the-art laboratory with a level of scrutiny the USDA doesn't even touch.

Did you know the USDA doesn't require "organic" products to have low heavy metals? CHIEF Organics products are tested and verified for low heavy metals in Mike Adams' lab. There, he also tests whey protein raw materials for pesticides and herbicides, protein content, radiation residue, synthetic growth hormones and more.

Laboratory instruments used for these analyses include ICP-MS and LC-MS-TOF (time of flight mass spec). The Health Ranger's laboratory is ISO-17025 accredited, which is considered the international "gold standard" of laboratory accreditation.

This full battery of tests simply isn't conducted by anyone else in the industry. There isn't a single supplier of whey protein that pursues this level of dedication to purity and cleanliness. That's why CHIEF Organics Whey Protein is so far beyond "USDA organic" that it leaves "organic" in the dust.

There is no whey protein product on the planet that's subjected to more scientific scrutiny and laboratory testing for cleanliness and purity!

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Help with your daily recommended allowance of protein

Most people know that we need protein in our daily diet. Protein, the body's building block, is important for muscle development and the maintenance of a healthy immune system and for proper metabolism.

A lack of adequate protein can result in mood swings and higher anxiety, poor sleep, “brain fog,” and weight gain. And the fact is, most people don't get enough good protein in their regular daily diets, unlike the earliest Americans.


Unlike big commercial chain protein powders that are packed with artificial sweeteners and flavors from tainted sources high in heavy metals, Chief Organics Whey Protein is sourced only from pasture-fed cows. Infused with 100% authentic flavorings – Original, Chocolate, Vanilla and Peanut Butter – our powder is made fresh in New Zealand.

Chief Organics Chocolate Whey Protein
Chief Organics Vanilla Whey Protein

Know what's in your protein powder

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Chief Organics Peanut Butter Whey Protein
Chief Organics Original Whey Protein

And Chief Organics Whey Protein has been laboratory-tested and validated for composition and purity. There are no artificial colors or preservatives, and Chief Organics Whey Protein is free of pesticides, rBGH, antibitics, GMOs, soy, wheat and sugar alcohol.

What we're saying is, not all protein powders are made the same, as our commitment to purity and tradition clearly demonstrates. Plus, we ensure that a portion of every sale goes to Native American causes.

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